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Thank you for everything.

This is it -

for now.

"Riot Mag has been the most tiring, stressful undertaking of my life. It has been an unending headache. I don't know how I'll live without it. Things that matter deserve effort; nothing has mattered to me like the work we have done here. I hope I have added some wonder to the world. Here, I have a family, a purpose, and a home; most importantly, I know now that there is more magic to come."

- Brishti Chakraborty, Head


"My journey with Riot has been an obligation and a freedom; a job, a passion; a duty, an honour. In eighteen months, this magazine taught me about people, organisation, and language as much as it helped me find my voice. I’ve said previously that a piece of writing is part of a larger conversation; a dot on a canvas. Through Riot, I’ve left my dot and discovered a desire to make it bolder than ever."

- Shravan H, Proofreader of Grammar

"For the last twenty months, Riot has been nothing less than a home to me. At Riot, I could say my truth, be my truth, without a fear of receiving judgement or disapproval. Through writing at Intricate Connections, I’ve accomplished all that I wanted to achieve, and for that, I am grateful. As I move on, Riot will forever be responsible for shaping who I am in whatever I choose to do in the future."

- Devansh Mishra, Superintendent of Words

Devansh Mishra
Snigdha Dhameja

"Riot has felt like a fever dream made real by the lovely people I’ve worked with here. I’ve found the courage to speak my truth through my column, and discovered more about the world through the conversations this magazine has sparked. In my time here, I hope that I’ve made a difference with my articles, sending ripples across the internet. Riot has enabled me to write well, think deeply, and join a beautiful creative family."

- Snigdha Dhameja, Supreme Word Justice

"Riot has always been a place where I can go wild. Aléatoire, the collages, the logo, everything I’ve done for this magazine started with a spark of crazy. Riot, and my friends, gave me the freedom to let that spark shine. My time here has not only helped me grow into a better writer, but also a better person. I couldn’t be more grateful for the memories and people that this magazine has given me."

- Ishana Modi, Duchess of Design


"I never anticipated where I'd reach as a writer, but with Riot I found my unique voice, adding to a sea of voices. I haven’t learnt from, cherished, or appreciated a group of people more than I have at Riot. I found a family, a platform to do better. I will benefit from my time at Riot for the rest of my life as it gave me a place in the sea of voices."

- Chaand, Monarch of Writing

"'But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; tread softly because you tread on my dreams.'

I ponder about how serendipity leads to things you can only dream of. I came to join Riot when I swiped up on a friend’s Instagram story by happenstance - it turned out to be more than I could ever conjure up in my sleep. As I say goodbye, I tread softly."

- Ananya Aaliya Ahmed, Social Media Czar


"RIOT has been my space for self-discovery for the longest time. I've found words I didn't know I had through my column and new literature I didn't think could exist through my fellow columnists. I hope that people see themselves and find comfort in the tiny space I've had & made. To quote Emily Dickinson: 'This World is not Conclusion. A Species stands beyond - Invisible, as Music -

But positive, as Sound.'"

- Grace Treesa, Perfunctory Ink-Slinger

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